Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal Katzenelson Givatayim

Project Name
Urban Renewal Katzenelson Givatayim
Urban Renewal
Givatayim - Israel
2019 - Ongoing
Israel Land Development Company Ltd


Katzenelson is an Urban Renewal project at Givatayim, Israel

Katzenelson is an urban renewal project on the intersection of Katzenelson, Sirkin and Shenkin streets in Givatayim, close to Kozalawsky hill and a future metro station. On the corner of Sirkin-Katzenelson is a renewed and comfortable public square leading to a pleasant and shaded public promenade, tucked in between residential buildings X floors high with an attractive commercial first floor.
The project combines relatively low buildings in order to preserve the view from Kozalawsky hill, and tall buildings, all the while maintaining a continuation of public spaces and their quality. It was of highest importance to us to create two public centers at both ends of the promenade. On one side is renewed Noah square and on the other Noah park and it’s expansion, between them a public axis for leisure and commercial activities.





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