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NorthPointe Pflugerville

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NorthPointe, Pflugerville Master Plan
Texas - USA
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NorthPointe, Pflugerville Texas, Master Plan
Proposal for a Smart City in Pflugerville, Texas, USA

As our society is changing, we share important moments with people all over the world, and can readily interface with objects and spaces using IoT (Internet of Things), a technology that monitors monitor our impact on our nearby surrounding and the planet.; alongside this progress, we have not lost the human desire to have family life, personal contact, stroll through nature. This duality has inspired us as we approached the planning of NorthPointe. The complex marries the benefits of IoT technology and the qualities of living within a serene green space. Our aspiration is to couple bustling and quiet, dynamic and family-oriented, urban and village. The master plan, therefore, takes the concept of mixed-use to its utmost potential.

Located in Pflugerville, NorthPointe sits along the 130 state highway and is roughly 120 acres in area – split by the highway into a West campus (81 acres), and an East campus (38 acres). NorthPointe features a variety of uses: residential (approximately 3100 condos, as well as townhouses and assisted living); hotels and conference centers; a new city hall; offices; and a range of recreational and sport facilities.

​Our proposal seeks to form a mixed-use development that is efficient, sustainable and pedestrian-friendly. The development is planned around a central green axis from which green avenues, which replace conventional automobile-centered roads, emanate into the development. The axis, which connects to existing pedestrian roads, is a dynamic core that links the two campuses; more-intensive programs, such as public buildings and offices, surround the green axis, while the intensiveness of activity decreases as one moves away from the axis: deeper inside the complex, families can enjoy laid-back living conditions and enjoy pedestrian-friendly “green avenues” as the cardinal mode of circulation. This arrangement encourages a healthier, pedestrian-centered, and more sustainable way of life.

​As a smart city, NorthPointe is capable of incredible feats, among which are monitoring air pollution; sending real-time warnings and notifications to inhabitants; and responding to changes in weather, water consumption, and number of occupants in a given location. A smart grid compiles and streamlines live information, making NorthPointe a dynamic entity that is always responsive.

​NorthPointe, a live-work-play environment, affords inhabitants a vibrant and healthy lifestyle at their doorstep. Inhabitants, architecture, landscape and technology enrich one another: imagine waking up in the morning, receiving on-the-go updates about traffic in the development, and spending only 10 minutes walking to work. When the clock hits 6PM, possibilities become endless: sit at the coffeehouse by the park, take a leisurely walk to the lake, watch a film at the cinema, or buy groceries and head home – hard choices…

​NorthPointe is where pastoral meets urban, creating an effective mix between the rural landscape and the urban fabric: Pflugerville’s iconic “pfluger” – or ploughman – redefined.



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