LSA לזרוביץ אדריכלים גליל ים 105 גיל קטה

luxury residences

Glil Yam 105

Project Name
Glil Yam 105
Herzliya - Israel
2019 - Ongoing
In Progress
GK Gil Kata


GLIL YAM 105 is containing 2 residential buildings with 13 and 14 floors, and a total of 98 housing units, located in Herzliya, Israel.

The project is located in Glil Yam, Herzliya – a 20-minute drive from the sea and five minutes from Hwy 2 – in an emerging luxury neighborhood. Containing 2 residential buildings with 13 and 14 floors, and a total of 98 housing units, the building’s unique architecture creates dialog between the luxurious interior and the pastoral views of Glil Yam.

Quality common spaces are designed to create harmony between our busy daily life and a healthy and active lifestyle of the highest standard. A swimming pool, spacious gym, yoga terrace, running track, and a shared lounge offer tenants a comfortable environment for physical activity and community gatherings. Over 7 different apartment types cater to a wide range of lifestyles and target audiences. Each apartment has a spacious balcony with a spectacular view of the beach and the neighboring park, where you can go out for a run or a picnic. Along the side of the street is a lounge for tenants, which opens up to the street and to the view of the park.

Specifications & Amenities

Feel the sense of the place.

Residential buildings with views of the sea

That rise among green fields,

Park, lake, the breeze..

Surrounded by landscaping in consonance with the place,

And with the sun’s location throughout the day.

Various green spaces

That offer residents a variety of possibilities,

Different situations,

When the mood strikes,

Or changes like the breeze from the sea.





Project Updates