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Urban Renewal Be'er Sheva

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Urban Renewal Be'er Sheva
Urban Renewal
Beer Sheva - Israel


An Urban Renewal project at Be’er Sheva, Israel

This urban renewal masterplan is located in Neighborhood Gimel of Be’er Sheva, capital of the Negev in Israel. Situated in between the city’s two train stations, the foot of Ben Gurion University and Soroka Medical Center, and at the heart of a residential neighborhood, we saw an opportunity to revitalize the area.

The plan is arranged along three main axes: community, green strip, and commercial. The communal axis extends from the university in the north, crossing Orot complex (a local communal hub), to a park in the south. The green spine connects the residential neighborhood to the train stations on its north and south. Finally, the commercial strip enlivens the site by turning Hashalom street into a bustling and attractive center. The axes intersect at Orot complex, which is a communal hub home to one of Be’er Sheva’s finest examples of brutalist architecture, Orot cinema.

Building complexes form a continuous facade facing the streets, and semi-enclosed courtyards facing away from the street. Along Hama’apilim street, the green strip trickles into the courtyards thus creating enjoyable quality spaces for residents. As part of the neighborhood’s rejuvenation, in accordance with the national outline plan (Tama) 38, the old 2-4 story building will be replaced by new 4-7 story buildings.





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