Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal - Eli-Cohen-Hanasi, Ashkelon

Project Name
Urban Renewal - Ashkelon
Urban Renewal
Eli Cohen-HaNasi - Ashkelon - Israel
2019 - Ongoing
In Progress
52000 sqm
Israel Land Development Company Ltd.
Residential - 1,000 new housing units


An Urban Renewal project at Ashkelon, Israel

Ath the intersection of Eli Cohen and Hanasi streets, where today public housing blocks can be found, our firm is promoting a new urban renewal plan.
This plan draws inspiration from the encounter between the city’s spectacular beaches and its vibrant streets. As such, it connects the public and private spaces through a spectrum of urban conditions — a variety similar to that created when the sea meets the city’s sandy hills.
One of the project’s key challenges involves density. The existing density is over 10 housing units per 1000 sqm (there are 160 housing units). At the same time, the original plot is about 16,000 sqm — so the project would have needed “complementary land” in another part of the city. On the other hand, in light of Ashkelon’s housing prices, densification would dictate a high multiplier to achieve economic viability.
In order to enable the complex to be compacted and at the same time maintain residents’ quality of life, the plan incorporates open areas, which “climb” onto the lower floors of the buildings, improving inhabitants’ experience and wellbeing.

The plan is located at the seam between the residential neighborhoods and the economic-cultural city center, mixing commercial and public areas with green plazas that blend into the lower floors with a public green roof. Above these floors stand extensive residential buildings, which both take into consideration the existing neighborhood, and offer tenants spectacular panoramic views.

The tower, which sits immediately at the street corner, performs as a new urban landmark, provides a source of financial viability for the project, and, with its smaller footprint, allows for more open-air, green areas.

Client: Israel Land Development Company Ltd.



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