Private Home

Sde Boker Residence

Project Name
Sde Boker Residence
Midreshet Ben-Gurion, Sde Boker, Israel
2019 - Ongoing
In Progress
Private Home


A home for a family located on cliffs of the desert in Sde Boker.

A home for a family located on cliffs of the desert in Sde Boker. The house, which is the former home of artist Ezra Orion and the new home of a couple and their family for generations to come, seeks to dialog with nature, with the outside. In the mind of the artist, there were two important principles that the structure seeks to uphold: on the one hand not to be monumental and dominate the landscape and on the other hand not to adopt an assimilation approach that merges with it, but rather a symbiotic approach in pursuit of synthesis between the two. The structure will be formed from natural materials, from a scale of desert colors and openings that frame the exterior landscape to the observer from the inside, and blur the boundaries between the two.

The form of the house consists of a rectangle with clean lines and a floating belt of local stones reminiscent of Nabataean construction, thus undermining the gravitational forces and physics known to us, as a tribute to the artistic perception of the artist Ezra Orion who lived there. The public space of the house overlooks the vista. At the entrance to the home, the view faces directly towards the outside, framed by the courtyard as if in a picture. The stone path created by the artist Ezra Orion created a trail of stones that points Hod ‘Aqev peek beyond the crater. His creation is preserved as it becomes the main axis in the project leading from the public space through the courtyard to the horizon.

At the entrance to the house, in alignment with the front door, is a thin sculptural staircase. The staircase is made of black bent steel and a railing consisting of thin metal cables, which allows for maximum views of the outside. The stairs span a double height space without a floor in between and meet the upper level at a wide opening that floods the space with natural light. Upstairs are 2 residential units for the family’s adult children, each unit equipped with a private bathroom and closet area. The rooms are surrounded by a spacious roof terrace overlooking the endless landscape.



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