Urban Renewal

Negba - Bar Cochva

Project Name
Negba - Bar Cochva
Urban Renewal
Ramat Gan - Israel
2019 - Ongoing
Israel Land Development Company Ltd


Negba – Bar Cochva, Urban Renewal, Ramat-Gan, Israel

The foundation of Ramat Gan in 1918 was immediately followed by the purchase of lands and seedlings, with the intention of planning a “Garden City” (the former name of the city) designed by the renowned Arch. Richard Kauffmann. This project is a testament to the unique character of Ramat Gan, attributed by a combination of nature with the city, thus providing a higher quality and healthier life.
Ramat Gan is the greenest city in Israel, with 25% of its area being green space. Beautiful boulevards with trees planted along them cover the city and the national park covers more than 1,000 hectares. The design of the new complex follows the lead of Ramat Gan and embraces nature. About 50% of the site area has been converted into a designated park for the residents of the complex.
Merom Naveh park is the green lung of the city and in the past was even home to an orchard. The project, which is located about 300 meters from the park, will become a significant addition for the residents thanks to the creation of a fruitful relationship between the housing units and the park.





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