Mixed use

Energy Park - Icon Complex

Project Name
Energy Park - ICON Complex
Mixed Use
Hadera - Israel
2020 - Ongoing
17.87 hectares
KBNadlan, reality investment funds, Zameret Haaretz, HLK
Mixed-use: micro residence, business hotel, offices, conference center, retail, parking


ICON is a mixed-use complex including commercial, office, recreation, and residential spaces Hadera, Israel

Hadera, recognized for its slogan, ״a city with energy״ and the three chimneys of Orot Rabin power plant, is undergoing major urban renewal. Hadera is replacing the outdated 20th century technologies with a large and innovative business center called Energy Park. As part of this revolution, the city is investing a lot of effort in changing the branding both internally and externally. Energy Park will become a major transportation hub accessible to all national transportation routes and will include: a central bus station, train station, and of course a lively and bustling business center, transforming the concept of “energy” into one of sustainability and renewable energy.

We are proud to have been selected to plan ICON, the main complex of Energy Park and the “entrance gate” to Hadera. ICON is a mixed-use complex including commercial, office, recreation, and residential spaces, located near the “Coastal Road” (Route 2) in front of the integrated transportation center. The complex will be used by innovative technology companies and will inject new economic and social energy into the city.

At a time when all human habits are questioned and basic practices such as handshakes are frowned upon, creating a compound that allows urban resilience by mixing uses allows trade to operate longer hours, reduce commuting time in the environment and enrich urban leisure and recreation options.

Energy is the beating heart of the Energy Park Business Center. In light of this, we designed the ICON complex to intensify the local character. The human energy of the visitors is empowered and expressed in the many gathering areas on balconies, green roofs, and sports facilities. 

The project is strategically located at the starting, or resting, point for hikers on the nearby famous ‘Shvil Yisrael’ (The Israel National Trail) and neighboring an accessible conference center that will attract in-country and international visitors.

The three towers of the complex stand proudly in front of the three familiar chimneys of Hadera power station. Green energy, solar panels, stringent green construction standards, and green roofs in ICON complex dialog with the power station. The sequence of balconies in the towers produce a vertical element that can be seen from a distance and present the energetic statement of the complex.



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