Mixed use

Energy Park - Icon Complex

Project Name
Energy Park - ICON Complex
Mixed Use
Hadera - Israel
2020 - Ongoing
17.87 hectares
KBNadlan, reality investment funds, Zameret Haaretz, HLK
Mixed-use: micro residence, business hotel, offices, conference center, retail, parking


ICON is a mixed-use complex including commercial, office, recreation, and residential spaces Hadera, Israel

The city of Hadera brings to mind one image: the three chimneys of the Orot Rabin Power Plant. The iconic chimneys are not only an emblem of the city; they also represent the negative impacts financial moguls have brought about: outdated technologies and pollution. Nowadays, the city is undergoing major changes, investing a great deal of effort in changing its branding from within. 

We are proud to have been selected to plan ICON, the main complex of Energy Park and the “entrance gate” to Hadera. Located near the “Coastal Road” (Route 2), ICON is a mixed-use complex that includes commerce, offices, recreational functions, and residential spaces. The complex, a greenhouse for cutting-edge hi-tech players, will energize the city with an abundance of employment opportunities and recreational venues. The project also enjoys an opportune location – acting as both a visual gate to the city of Hadera and a “rest-stop” for hikers of the Shvil Israel trail. 

ICON is designed to become a major transportation hub accessible to all national transportation routes; as such, it includes a central bus station, a train station, and a lively and bustling business center — all of which celebrate the concept of “energy.” Moreover, the complex strives to remain true to the city’s local character with ample outdoor spaces, such as balconies, green roofs and sports facilities.

The three towers of the complex echo the three iconic chimneys of Hadera’s power plant. Green energy, solar panels, strict adherence to standards of sustainable construction, and green roofs ensure that energy is utilized ethically. The sequence of balconies in the towers produce a vertical element that can be seen from a distance and present the energy-inspired statement of the complex.



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