mixed use

Beit HaEtrog, Jerusalem

Project Name
Beit HaEtrog, Jerusalem
Luxury Residential & Conservation
Jerusalem - Israel
2022 - Ongoing
In planning
2200 sqm
G Miller Development
Mixed Use: residential, commercial, public building, underground parking and more


“Beit HaEtrog” is a Luxury residential & Conservation Complex
Dvora Hanevia St, Mea-Shearim neighborhood, Jerusalem , Israel

“Beit HaEtrog” is located on the outskirts of the “Mea-Shearim” neighborhood in the heart of Jerusalem, an area characterized by Hasidic courtyards and an ultra-Orthodox population. The unique complex includes a 63 luxury residential units, building for preservation from the end of the 19th century that was owned by the Empress of Ethiopia, Menen Aspao, along with the preservation of the historic building, the project offers two more residential buildings of a particularly high standard, which draw inspiration from the existing building and the values of Judaism.

The planning carried out using advanced parametric tools offers a Sukkah balcony for each apartment in the project that leaves the public space of the house and allows open skies for the construction of a Kosher Sukkah. This prestigious complex offers its residents a variety of spaces for their use, from shared courtyards and decorated lobbies to Mikveh, a spa complex and wine rooms.

The variety of apartments in the project allows for the creation of a unique human mix ranging from young couples to families with children.

The Etrog as a leading element in planning is reflected in the design aspects of the project such as the front of the building and its layers, starting with the masking of the balcony, the Sukkah balcony and the heart of the house.

“Beit HaEtrog”, which aims to set a new standard for residential buildings for the religious sector, presents how a residential building can be designed that combines the values of Judaism with advanced parametric tools to create an accurate building type on the one hand, but warm and family-like on the other.



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